• The walking dead fanfiction daryl has a daughter

    The walking dead fanfiction daryl has a daughter

    Merle stared at the bed through the hospital window with teary eyes before telling himself to grow some balls and walking into the white room where his baby girl was strapped up to machines, ignoring the family on the other side of the room he made his way over to her bed, he made eye contact with one of the guys family before obscuring their view by pulling the curtain around her bed and taking a seat beside her. He let himself drop onto the blue seat and taking her hand in his before he glanced at the notes at the bottom of her bed.

    He sighed angrily before trying to calm down and looking back at his daughters face that was partly obscured by the breathing mask that went up her nose and down into her windpipe. This was his fault, if he wasn't drugged up and at home he would have been able to look after her, make sure she didn't come out of the house to find him and Daryl.

    If he looked after her she would be okay. But she wasn't.

    the walking dead fanfiction daryl has a daughter

    Sure she would be okay in a few weeks maybe a month or 2 but this could have all been avoided. The doctor huffed and pushed his glasses up further up his nose before glancing at the papers in his hands.

    Merle bit his lip, grunted and nodded before grasping Rose's hand tightly as he heard the doctor walk out and shut the door. You in any pain? Rose shook her head and winced before laying back down on the white pillows still clutching onto her dads hand.

    Merles head snapped to his brother who was making his way over to them, a soft smile on his face as he neared his niece. Merle nodded turning to his little girl and ruffling her short hair before getting up and walking to the door with his baby brother. A disease o-or somethin'" He spoke hurriedly. Merle raised a brow before frowning. Don' be scarin' Rose with your bullshit talk, I mean it this time.

    It ain't happenin' Daryl, she can't even stand" Merle hissed. If we have to move quickly we need to be ready" Daryl said slowly. Merle sighed heavily, rubbing his bald head before shaking his head "Fine, but if my little girl is hurt again your to blame got it?

    Aaron (TV Series)

    Do not say anything to Rose" he growled before opening the hospital door she shared with a 29 year old man which was fucked up in his opinion even if he is in a coma. There were a lot of patients admitted over the last 2 weeks… bites and fevers. Story Story Writer Forum Community.She sat in the higher up branches of a tree, looking down at the two men passing below her. Were they stupid or something? They were obviously hunting, one of the most important times to be keeping an eye out for trouble.

    The undead were crawling all over the place, sometimes in rather large groups, and they were just walking around without a care in the world, and only two of them! She rolled her eyes. Some people just didn't understand how these days worked, didn't understand that the dead could walk, that, hey, guess what?!

    You could be eaten without a second pause. Had they not even noticed the undead coming up behind them? Well, obviously not, or the guy with the crossbow would just shoot them.

    the walking dead fanfiction daryl has a daughter

    He had a few squirrels strung together and flung over his shoulder. The other guy had a gun, so it'd just be stupid if he used it out here. Would doom every one of them to being chased down by all the undead in the area, and there were quite a few. She jumped out of the tree, slicing the skulls of the two rotting people open with her machete without a single pause, pretty much just one fluent motion. The men turned around, pointing their respective weapons at her head.

    Save someone's ass, get a crossbow pointed at your skull. This was why she didn't help people. They were ungrateful little shits who deserved everything they got, generally speaking. Was he Chinese? Quite possibly, though there was also a chance of him being Korean. The guy with the crossbow didn't move. They just stood there for a while, glaring at each other and making Glenn feel very out of place at that moment.

    We need to get back to the others. Her frown grew deeper and she took a slight step forward. Yes, you totally had it under control.

    Some people just didn't know how to use their manners. Well, in all honesty, she was one of them.

    Where was the point in manners in this day and age? Everyone was either dead, going to be dead, or trying to kill any other human that got in their way.

    It was a fantastic world to grow up in.He was the recruiter of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. His good-natured and charitable personality mixed with his survival skills and good judge of character made him a valuable asset to recruiting new members for the community.

    Aaron went along with his boyfriend Eric Raleighwho both met before the apocalypse and fell in love.

    Daryl/OC -- I'll Be Good [Fanfiction part 1]

    He was responsible for bringing Rick and his people into Alexandria and developed a close bond with the group, making Aaron one of Rick's most trusted allies. In the middle of the war against the SaviorsAaron adopts an orphaned Gracie after the death of Eric during battle. Following the end of the war, Aaron loses an arm while trying to help rebuild a bridge to join the communities.

    Six years after Rick's assumed deathAaron continues to be Gracie's adoptive father and now has a prosthetic arm. Aaron is described as "an affable, good-natured, adventurous guy. Despite feeling like a bit of an outsider for most of his life, he's passionate about people and the good they can do. He doesn't think twice about putting himself in danger if he believes something positive can come from it. Aaron had been mistreated and ostracized most of his life, mostly due to him being openly gay and the reaction of people's homophobia, including abuse from his own mother.

    Despite this, Aaron consistently saw the good in people even though they were acting offensive. He has a good judge of character. Aaron is very altruistic and always wanted to help others, leading him to join a NGO and give supplies to those residing in the Niger River Delta. Alongside his charitable personality, Aaron also has a sense of humor and optimism.

    He aims to keep people at ease with him. Sometimes his humor goes over people's heads, but he still aims for them to see the brighter side of things as he does.

    Aaron was supportive of Daryl's status as an outsider as well as comforting Maggie when Glenn disappeared. One of the things he enjoys doing is photography and collecting memorabilia from the places he had visited. After the apocalypse, he began collecting license plates from each state to create a mural on a wall in his house.

    Aaron extremely loves and cares for Erichis boyfriend. Both had been outsiders, treated with bigotry, and were the only people in the world who understood each other. Both worked together in recruiting outsiders for Alexandria as well as collecting license plates for their collection. Aaron is willing to tolerate many things, but one thing he can't tolerate is Eric being threatened or harmed in any way. He would even result to violence, something he is usually against, if it meant defending Eric, including putting himself in danger.

    Aaron saw that, like himself and Eric, Daryl was an outsider to both his own group and Alexandria and that people fear him even though they do not know him.

    Because of Eric's near-death experience, Aaron had him retire and gave the position to Daryl so that Eric could stay safe and that Daryl could get out more and be himself. Aaron's affection gave Daryl purpose and was willing to sacrifice himself for Aaron's safety so that he could be safe if nothing else. During the seventh seasondespite Eric being against Rick's plan to rebel against the Saviors, considering it to be too risky and there could be a lot of victims from this conflict, Aaron believes in Rick and his will for freedom and argues that in order to ensure their freedom they must fight, even if there will be victims, as the war will be the only way to build their future.

    After Eric dies during the war with Negan and the SaviorsAaron becomes deeply depressed, as he was the only person Aaron had ever cared so much about.

    He becomes even more willing to do anything in order to put an end to the war forever. He and Enid then ask the community of Oceanside to aid them in finishing the war with the Saviors once and for all.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

    Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Is it possible to get a second chance at life? Layla had been with Rick's group since the prison. She was logical, brave, and soon became a highly influential member of the group.

    And she also fell in love, as did he.

    See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

    One day, one of her ever-detailed plans gets the group to safety, but not herself. Surrounded by too many walkers than even she can handle, she's killed.

    And then she wakes up at the start of the end of the world. For some reason, Layla's getting a second chance to relive the apocalypse.

    After losing several of its founding members, the Saviors motorcycle club must decide whether to break the cycle of violence before they lose everything, or risk it all to exact revenge for decades worth of animosity. Elena was always composed and methodical. She knew how to survive the world way before it finished. She wasn't looking for attachments, for people to call a family. Because attachments are liability, make you weak especially in this new world where dead are walking and living are more dangerous than before.

    English isn't my first language, I try to read proof everything and check for any mistakes, but if you see any I missed please point it out.

    Living the highlife by selling her services has been everything that Juliet Valentine has known. Taken in by The Company when she was a young girl, she was shaped into the perfect companion for the rich and famous.

    the walking dead fanfiction daryl has a daughter

    She was content with her lot in life. That was until the world decided to end. Left high and dry in Atlanta by The Company, she must find her way out into the world that is vastly different from the one she lived in for her entire life. Daryl gestured at her to look at him. Maybe you'll get to hear her voice someday.

    Evelyn Rider's light step and silent disposition have served her well during these dangerous times, but the dead aren't the only ones who won't hear her coming. You can also read this story on Fanfiction. How the hell does a plucky illegal Russian migrant with a smile that could clear the clouds fall for Daryl Dixon? How does a quiet and badass redneck with a crossbow and angel wings on his back fall for someone with a name like Faye Katya Zastev?

    Read to find out, but brace yourselves. Those people are going to kill us all! This is a new fanfic while I'm putting my original one together.Hey guys : This is just a new fic that I'm playing around with… I hope you guys like it!

    Rick had been about to shoot the staggering figure that was rustling through the woods just ahead of them, Shane right beside him with his gun raised. But then the figure turned into two, one of them significantly smaller than the other, and the tiny body tripped and fell, bursting into tears.

    He had seen a lot of things, in the past week, but Rick didn't think that he had ever seen a walker trip, and then cry about it. He lowered his gun just as the two spotted them. Oh thank God, oh God, hello? Is that someone?

    Then the woman burst through the final wall of foliage that had been partly concealing them, and Rick had to stifle a gasp.

    She was dressed in clothes that had been almost torn to pieces, her hair so messy and tangled that Rick imagined that it would take hours to get it looking acceptable again, and blood stained her left side. Instinctively, he and Shane took a step back, wary of bloody strangers in this new and dangerous world that had happened upon them all so fast.

    The effect was instantaneous, both men raising their shotguns and handguns before Rick could draw in another breath. But instead of attacking them or trying to defend herself like they had anticipated, she dropped to her knees, pushing the small figure out in front of her with a scream, "No, no don't shoot, not yet!

    He's not bit! She shoved him firmly away from her, and said, "You have to take him. Take him with you, back to your group, or just with you! Please… He's not bit, and I… Please, you have to take him. The boy had fallen onto his hands and knees with the strength of the second push, and he looked up at Rick with expressionless eyes. Tears were dried on his face, smeared with dirt and sweat, but there didn't seem to be any blood on him.

    Shane kneeled down slowly, and looked the kid up and down, while Rick kept his eyes and gun trained on the woman. She had started to cry softly.

    He shook his head, hands still braced against the ground. Rick nodded sharply at Shane when he glanced back at him, but when Shane offered the kid a hand to get up, he only stared. Then he looked back at the woman they had found him with, tears streaming down her face, and she shook her head. These men will look after you, look, one of them is a police officer. His heart aching at the sadness of the situation, Rick nodded again, and said, "It's okay, we aren't going to hurt you. See the guy there, that's Shane.

    He's my best friend, and I'm a cop just like him. We have a group of people waiting for us back at a big farm house, where there's lots of food, and horses, and we take care of each other there… We'll look after you for your mom.

    He's a good boy though, you won't have no trouble… I just, oh thank God you were here. I didn't—I didn't know what I was going to do if I hadn't found someone. I thought that I was going to have to…" She started to sob harder at this, and held her arms out, "Come here, and give me one last hug. Shane's hand tightened around the boy's shoulders at this, and he and Rick shared a glance.

    Then Rick looked down at the sobbing woman on the ground, who was going to die, and at the child that she was going to leave behind. He nodded, and the kid ran towards the woman who had protected him. He stood there quietly as she threw her arms around him, and hugged him tightly.

    Then, after a few minutes, she pushed him away, and tried to wipe her tears off her dirty face. Shane squeezed the kid's shoulders in what he meant as a comforting gesture as the boy returned to his side. Then the woman took out a small handgun, and smiled up with watery eyes at Rick.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.

    The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. Please Read and Review!

    It was late afternoon and school had been out for over an hour as I sat in the waiting area outside the principals office at Sedalia Middle School. My father Daryl was in her office trying to keep me from being expelled.

    My name is Allison Dixon and I'm thirteen years old, I had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. I climbed into the passenger seat of his truck, our basset hound Charlie greeted me with kisses and begged for attention. My father climbed into the passenger side and we sat in silence until we reached the trailer park where we lived with my grandfather Will Dixon, I really hoped he wasn't home, I hated that man, I believed the only reason we stayed was cause someone had to make sure he didn't kill himself with his drinking.

    There was a group of girls where part of the popular crowd and many of them lived on the good side of Sedalia as they called it, one of the girls Sarah loved to pick on me, today she went to far and I lost my temper and hit her hard in the face. I hurriedly went into the trailer and I heard the TV on and saw my grandfather sitting in his favorite chair with a beer, he was wearing a white shirt and dirty blue jeans.

    He was watching football as usual. I quickly went to my room before he had any chance of seeing or saying anything to me. I laid down on my bed and reached under my pillow and found the only picture I had of my mother and I. My parents were childhood sweethearts, they dated but never married and when I was born they tried to make things work but in the end they broke up.

    When I was five years old she passed away from a congenital heart defect and I missed her a lot. Maybe I should take the time to say that my Daddy never beat me or anything. In fact, he only took my over his knee a handful of times. I really didn't want to talk about it, I laid back down and started to cry. Getting into fights is not you. A week later I was watching the news and it was talking about incidents of people biting and attempting to eat other people.

    At a funeral in Savannah a man had died and woke up during the funeral and attacked the priest. Officials told the news that it was just people on drugs or bath salts, nothing strange was going on. To weeks later there were more reports of the dead coming back to life.

    Officials were trying to keep people calm and to report anything to local police. Will" I turned to my grandfather, I wasn't allowed to call him grandad or grandpa, I made the mistake of doing that once and he slapped me telling me never to call him that again. In the coming weeks things were getting worse and worse and government officials were at a loss of what to.

    I turned on the radio and I heard an emergency broadcast telling people to remain calm and to head for Atlanta, there they would find food, shelter and medical attention if needed.

    the walking dead fanfiction daryl has a daughter

    I was scared, I went to the door to make sure it was secure outside I could see people packing their belongings. I saw the look on my fathers face, he had gonna hunting earlier this morning and I knew he was dead. We packed clothes, camping gear and food, On the way I saw bodies laying in the street, I saw overturned cars and trucks, on the way out of town we saw some people getting attacked by a group of Walkers and this scared me, My father told me not to panic and to keep the door locked and the windows closed.

    A few days later we joined up with another group of survivors at a quarry miles outside of Atlanta. He's never taken me hunting before, I've always wanted him to. I was bored the entire afternoon, I hated math and I hated school.

    Carl and Sophia were nice and after lessons we ran around the camp, played cards and just hung out. It was nice having friends, I didn't have many back home. A car alarm had caught our attention and we watched as Glenn got out of the car and told everyone that they others were on there way. I watched as a white van drove up minutes later.Part 1. Summary: You and Daryl are pretending to be in a relationship. Pairing: Daryl x Reader Warnings: None this ones just fluffy. Word Count: Throughout the rest of your day the two of you made it a point to not over do the friendliness.

    You went about you day as usual, only changing a few things about how you acted around each other. Just being closer, you could feel a bond being formed. But all of this only made you even more nervous about spending the first night in his tent with him. Everything was going fine, that was until around sunset when you, Daryl, Rick, Shane and Andrea were standing around the hood of the car going over where had been looked over for Sophia. When the discussion was over you and Daryl hung back at the truck having your own discussion about where Sophia could be when Shane interrupted.

    You just ignored him. You stiffened and glared at Shane. You saw red and the next thing you knew Daryl had your raise fist in his hand, stopping you from hitting Shane. Daryl just smirked and shook his head.

    Carol saw the two of you and how you both looked happy and smiled at you as you sat down on a blanket that was near the fire. He quickly looked up at your face when you turned around and handed him the plate. After dinner and the usual conversation, bed time rolled around. After several of the other members turned in for the night, Daryl stood and held his hand out to help you up.

    You took it and let him help you to your feet. He followed in behind. When you looked around you saw that he had grabbed your back pack and sleeping bag from your tent. Your back pack sat in the corner while your sleeping bag was spread out on the floor next to his.

    Once you found a tank top and a pair of athletic shorts you turned to Daryl. After a minute or two you gave him the okay to turn around.

    As soon as his eyes landed on you his hand flew to his mouth. You looked down and smirked, finding the fact that you made him nervous amusing. Not knowing what else to do, you slid into your sleeping bag and tucked your arm behind your head. Daryl, without taking off his shirt or jeans followed suit and slid into his sleeping bag.

    A few minutes later you were pulled out of your half asleep state by a rustling sound. When you turn to look at Daryl you saw him sliding back into his sleeping bag, no longer wearing a shirt. Some looked like slash marks while other were tiny circular scars that looked like cigarette burns. He cleared his throat, getting your attention, and you looked at his face to see him glaring at you.

    He tucked his arm behind his head with a grunt. He could hear the distant sound in your voice, but was afraid to ask what was wrong. How could he not know what he was thinking? Daryl thought about it for a second before he spoke up.


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