• Largest ps4 game

    Largest ps4 game

    However, big doesn't just mean there's a lot of hype around a game - it can also mean that it requires a huge amount of space on your PS4's hard drive to install, forcing you scrabble around and delete some of your other games just to free up enough room for it.

    Likewise, you may want to clear some of these off your console, if you want a piece of the upcoming PS4 games on the way Move over Black Ops 3, there's a new data sheriff in town! Red Dead Redemption 2 may not be available yet, but thanks to fine print spotted on a PS4 Pro bundle packaging we know that it requires GB of spaceshooting it straight to the number one slot on this list.

    I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Rockstar's first current-gen focused project will be heavy on the storage, especially considering how expansive the world is going to be, but it's still eye-opening to consider how much hard drive space you'll need so you can saddle up and explore the Wild West. Coming in at 31GB, the standard edition of Battlefield 4 is certainly substantial, but not ridiculously so.

    largest ps4 game

    Zenimax managed to recreate the whole of Tamriel as one massively multiplayer, richly detailed shared universe, so the HDD clearance caveats were always going to be mega.

    The huge Homestead patch of February this year injected another 20 gigabytes into the proceedings, but that was only the start of it. Originally launching with an already mammoth install size of 40GB back inDestiny has only gotten bigger and better since then. Bigger being the operative word here. Three years down the line, though, and Bungie has managed to cram all of its DLC, updates, and extra content into one 55GB package, in the form of Destiny: The Collection.

    Congrats, Treyarch, this is seriously impressive. Over GB for a single game is absurd, especially for a first-person shooter which is neither the best looking, most operatic or content-packed of its kind. This does include the Zombie Chronicles collection, mind you, but that only accounts for 12 of the gigabytes eating up all that valuable HDD space that could be used on so many other things.

    largest ps4 game

    Ever wondered how Rockstar managed to make Los Santos appear both visually impressive, physically robust and geographically immense? The answer appears to be memory. Lots and lots of memory. NBA 2K17 released with 50 gigs worth of baggage on PS4, and future updates and patches have only added an extra 7GB of supplementary software since then.

    Perhaps it's because all the character models are so much taller than average. The most recent iteration of Call of Duty takes its subtitle quite seriously, reaching for the stars with its ever-rising install size. Another Naughty Dog game makes the cut, although this time the numbers are a bit more understandable.

    Naughty Dog has also spruced up Uncharted 4 with a fair bit of free and paid content for multiplayer, which all adds to the overall total. Continue to Page 2 for more hard drive-busting installs. Current page: Page 1. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.The list of best PS4 games is a great example of the very top tier of titles Sony's current console has to offer. That's without considering just how many of the upcoming PS4 games look fantastic too, but it all means it's going to get even more competitive by the time the PS5 comes around.

    With games like The Last of Us 2 so close you can almost taste the spores, this list of best PS4 games is bound to change a bit this year, especially as we hurtle towards the inevitable upcoming PS5 games. But now is the time to make sure that you've seen the best that this generation has to offer.

    There's a baffling amount of games on offer, but whether you're looking for the biggest exclusive titles like God of War and Spider-Man PS4AAA third-party additions like Red Dead Redemption 2or just some excellent indie offerings, we've got you covered. When deciding the best PS4 games we consider how these games are to play right this very minute, because, if you have spare cash to spend, you want to know what offers the best value for time and money today, not two years ago.

    And you need to know if something is genuinely worth playing and if it adds something to your PlayStation experience - or if you'd be better off saving your money for one of the big upcoming PS4 games on the horizon. What follows, then, is our take on the best PS4 games out there - be they the best PS4 exclusivesbig AAA cross-format games, or surprise indie hits that you can grab off the PSN store. Not everyone will subscribe to Kingdom Hearts 3 for its storyline.

    Unless you've been following the antics of Sora and co for years now, you're going to be quite confused as to what the fudge is going on. But, probably, like me, you might well be here for the Disney. There's nothing quite like Kingdom Hearts 3, and although it is madder than your average box of frogs, that's part of its charm.

    Dark Souls, the series that spawned a hundred imitators thanks to its emphasis on difficult-but-fair gameplay, came to a close with Dark Souls 3but what a way to go out. Featuring a variety of awe-inspiring locales some grotesque, some majesticthe same finely-tuned combat fans had come to expect, and a new emphasis on speed and versatility inspired by FromSoftware's own Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 is a wonderful encapsulation of the series as a whole; not as scattered as Dark Souls 2, not as rough around the edges as the original.

    If you've been curious about the Souls games, this is where you should start. Death Stranding released to huge fanfare this year, and whether you enjoy Hideo Kojima's strange stories or can find satisfaction in its 'walking simulator on energy drinks' gameplay, it's a game that will define the tail-end of the PS4 generation. Kojima has filled the game with celebrities too, with Norman Reedus as Sam, Margaret Qualley as Mama, and an embarrassment of cameos from his contacts book.

    You may not always love it, but you'll never have played anything like it either. The RPG tale of Prince Noctis and his merry band straddles fantasy and reality with almost balletic grace, throwing in titanic monsters and classic missions alongside conversations about the weather and visuals that just sing "America".

    Final Fantasy 15 's story is bonkers and its final destination a genuine surprise, but it's still a winding, delight-strewn road that Square converts are duty bound to travel — with sufficient appeal in its blockbuster battles and eclectic quest mix to suck in Fantasy novices, too. Doubling down on all the intelligence, uncompromising emotional grit, and giddy, hilariously brutal Nazi killing that made its predecessor such a special game, Wolfenstein 2 has an even lesser tolerance for messing about.The best PS4 games can help you unwind after a long day, or fill up the time if you're stuck at home.

    Sony's powerful PS4 console has been out for almost seven years, and during that time, we've seen some truly incredible games.

    10 Biggest Open-Worlds In Video Game History

    From action epics like God of War, to pensive, surreal experiences like Dreams, our selections for the best PS4 games have something to offer everyone. In case you've already put your PS4 purchases on hold, Tom's Guide has compiled as much information we could find about the upcoming PS5. And for those who want to play with a partner, check out our list of the best split-screen PS4 games. LittleBigPlanet is great, but what if you could make your own entire games instead of just platformer levels?

    That's the idea behind Media Molecule's Dreams: a robust creation suite that lets you craft characters, structures, pieces of music, short films and even full-length games. The game's rich editing tools are complemented by handy tutorials, whether you're looking to make a simple platformer or a deep multiplayer role-playing game.

    And if you'd rather just play, Dreams serves up a nonstop buffet of fresh community experiences, many of which are curated by Media Molecule itself. Cal can topple imperial foes with his lightsaber and an array of Force powers. With tight gameplay and an affable cast of supporting characters, Fallen Order is a throwback to the kind of Star Wars games we used to get: creative, inventive and fun.

    Death Stranding is undoubtedly one of the weirder games to come out in But it's also one of the best PS4 games, particularly if you enjoy Hideo Kojima's unique brand of unhinged futurism.

    In the game, you take control of Sam Bridges, who delivers supplies to survivors in a post-apocalyptic Earth. The titular "Death Stranding" unleashed a race of extradimensional creatures, which raise some extremely existential questions about life, death and the nature of power in the post-apocalypse.

    This first-person RPG casts you as a colonist in the Halcyon solar system, pitted against a handful of powerful corporations that will do absolutely anything to maximize profits, no matter who suffers along the way.

    With action-packed gameplay, tons of options to resolve quests non-violently, an affable cast of party members and a story that reacts profoundly to the choices you make, The Outer Worlds is one of the best games of its type in years. Toss a coin to your Witcher, O valley of plenty! If you've been marathoning The Witcher on Netflix, then you owe it to yourself to check out the excellent games as well. While the first two Witcher titles aren't available on PS4, you can play the biggest and arguably best of the bunch: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

    This game takes place many years after Geralt's adventures in the show. Nilfgaard is waging another war on the Northern Realms, and only Geralt can stop the threat — if he can track down his wayward ward, Ciri, first.

    With a huge world, tight gameplay and plenty of opportunities to shape the story, The Witcher 3 is one of the very best games of the last decade. Resident Evil 2 was a well-received game back incombining survival-horror, exploration, puzzle and combat elements to create an experience greater than the sum of its parts. However, the game was also saddled with difficult controls, punishing difficulty and pixelated graphics.

    A new remake changes all of that, and makes the Resident Evil 2 one of the best PS4 games. The Resident Evil 2 remake features tight gunplay, intense scares and plenty of rewarding opportunities to replay one of the games that first made Resident Evil into a favorite series.

    When it comes to RPGs, there simply isn't anything else out there like Persona 5. From its gorgeous anime cutscenes to its smooth, jazzy soundtrack or even little things like the in-game UI and battle menus, Persona 5 is dripping with style.

    Unlike a lot of other RPGs stuck in fantasyland, Persona 5 is set in contemporary Japan with all the trappings of modern society, and its story is exquisitely crafted too. Geralt of Rivia's adventures in the Northern Kingdoms have come to an end, but there are still more stories to explore in the world of the Witcher. With the help of her loyal retainers and soldiers, she'll fix the problem through diplomacy, force and gorgeous collectible Gwent cards. Instead of putting Meve into a traditional RPG, her adventure is instead a way to play Gwent: the wildly popular mini-game from The Witcher 3, but now with lots of new cards and strategies.

    Whether you play Thronebreaker for the franchise lore and satisfying narrative, or the detailed cards and complex strategies, you'll want to play it all the same.We've all been there before - we just bought that new video game that we've been thinking about all the time, and we're finally going to install it, only to end up with the dreaded message saying that we have insufficient space, something both console and PC players fear. This usually isn't a big problem with smaller games, where uninstalling one game is enough.

    largest ps4 game

    However, there are some games with notoriously large file sizes, forcing us, with great pain, to uninstall multiple games just to play this one.

    In this list, we will take a look at the 10 PS4 games with the biggest file sizes, so that we would be prepared for their insane minimum free space demands before installing. The third installment in the Mafia series, Mafia III follows the main formula of its predecessors by being an open-world game filled with missions and story-lines that deal with the protagonist's dealings with the mafia, including some cameos from the previous game.

    As it stands now, after getting all the patches the game weighs in at around 46 gigabytes. This isn't an awful lot these days, especially considering that this is an open-world game with fairly decent graphics.

    While this is far from the biggest game on the market today, this is still a fairly big game and will take a sizeable chunk of your PS4 hard drive space. There are few FPS franchise reboots that made as big of a splash as Doom did inand with good reason. The game boasted tons of kickass content - a great arsenal of insane weapons, dozens of types of enemies, intricate levels with secret areas, amazing music, etc.

    It comes as no surprise that a game jampacked with so much stuff would take a hefty amount of space. Today, Doom takes anywhere between 50 to 75 GB, depending on your saves and patches. Even though this is quite a big game that takes a lot of space, rest assured that if you like FPS games, this one is definitely worth it.

    Speaking of FPS franchise reboots, Wolfenstein: The New Order took everything that the previous games built up and turned it up to an eleven. Having tons of weapons, characters, scripted events, and locations that the story takes the player, it's no surprise that the game takes up a decently big amount of storage space in return.

    Ever since it came out, there were a couple of patches, so adding it together with save files and such it sums up to be around 50 GB big. It is a fair trade, however, because the game will take a while to complete, meaning you won't need those ish gigabytes of storage anyway. The game is huge, having tons of interesting locations to visit and quests to complete.

    Of course, because of this, it is also huge in size, amounting to a whopping GB if you have all the expansions that add way more content to the game. If you're going to gear up to explore the entire game and experience every little thing it has to offer, be sure to have a lot of free space available beforehand.

    The Call of Duty franchise is enormous at this point, which is something everyone who has at least a little interest in video games knows. What also seems to be enormous about this franchise is the file sizes of the games.

    A game of this size is no joke, so if you're ever going to try this game we really recommend you prepare at least 80 GB of free space, or get yourself an external hard drive. The third installment in the series of games is enormous, as anyone who has played it can attest, having two major DLCs that further expand on the universe.

    Although the amount of space the game takes up including the DLCs and save files is not ridiculously large, it is still a fair bit larger than standard indie games for example. To any far of the franchise, be it the books or the series, this is a game that is absolutely worth every single gigabyte it takes up on your PS4.

    It is impossible to make a list about games with the biggest file sizes without mentioning the giant that is Red Dead Redemption 2.

    This western-themed game is mainly single-player, although it also includes online multiplayer, is so huge and packed with content, that there is no chance for you to play it on your PS4 unless you have an extra GB lying around.

    The kicker is that a hundred gigabytes might not be enough, due to patches and save files. Even though the size of the game might scare off some potentially interested people, rest assured that the overall experience that you get from it is worth uninstalling a couple of games. Everyone remembers the hype that followed the release of Final Fantasy XVrushing fans of the series to get their copies as soon as possible.

    This game was full of surprises, the most notable being the amazing graphics and a new and action-packed real time-fighting system. As time went on the game got expansions as well as patches, turning this game into more of a burden on your PS4's hard drive.Nioh 2 does not feel unfair, however, it gives a ridiculous number of options to the player.

    These include an insane amount of weapon types — swords, double swords, axes, dual hatchets, and switchglaives among them — as well as expanding skill trees filled with abilities to help defeat the demonic yokai of feudal Japan. Depending on the spirit, they can either help with difficult areas of face off in a duel to the death with valuable gear on the line.

    15 Games of 2019 That Can Provide Over 100 Hours of Gameplay

    Nioh 2 is a sillier game than its predecessor and most hardcore action-RPG titles, which keeps things light in between the brutally challenging moments. One major supporting character uses a monkey spirit as his ally and occasionally mimics his dancing, and a Billy goat spirit speaks English but with a goat-like vocal fry.

    Given how stressful the game can be, these characters are appreciated and cherished. Read our full Control review.

    The Dark Souls formula got a healthy dose of speed and horror when Bloodborne released back inand From Software has managed to make things even more extreme in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


    No enemy is too weak to deserve your attention, and many are formidable in one-on-one fights. The real meat of Sekirohowever, are the boss fights. The flashy combat is brought to life with the power of the impressive RE Engine — also used for Resident Evil 2 — and with three protagonists using very different combat styles, you never do the same thing twice in Devil May Cry 5. Nero and Dante both make their return alongside the mysterious V, who makes use of demons to do his fighting for him.

    Read our full Bloodborne review. The goofy and over-the-top tone the series is known for has been downplayed, and this installment instead delivers a far grittier and more reined-in narrative that follows Venom Snake Big Boss as he works to re-establish his mercenary army in his war against the shadowy Cipher. Kiefer Sutherland lends his voice as Big Boss, in what might be the best stealth-action game of all time.


    The next-gen version of the already impressive game blows the original out of the water, even if the storyline and locales are identical. Read our full Grand Theft Auto V review. For the first time, Taro has delivered a game that is just as engaging to play as it is to watch, and it also happens to feature one of the best narratives, and endings, in the entire medium.

    It takes three playthroughs to see the entire story, but the time you invest will be well worth it by the time the final credits roll.

    Read our full Nier: Automata review. Read our full Red Dead Redemption 2 review. The end result, as it turns out, is actually pretty solid, combining elements from other contemporary action-adventure games while injecting just enough Star Wars magic.

    Set after Order 66 that destroyed most of the Jedi, Fallen Order stars a former Padawan who must race to protect a powerful object containing important information valued by both the Rebels and the Empire.

    The original three God of War games, as well as the prequel God of War: Ascensionare violent, over-the-top, often ridiculous games that center on anti-hero Kratos and his struggle against the gods and monsters of Greek mythology. The result? Read our full God of War review.

    Naughty Dog is one of the most talented game studios on the planet, and the developer certainly showed that with the Uncharted series. That leads to plenty of shootouts and skin-of-your-teeth escape sequences, which often offer spectacle rarely seen elsewhere in video games.

    List of PlayStation 4 games

    Read our full Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review. Alongside cosmetic skins, a gear system allows you to swap out multiple items and weapons on your character, and they can be augmented to alter your performance.

    Moves can also be swapped out for others to create your ideal fighter, and you can explore the sprawling Krypt to unlock even better rewards.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. The Escapist. Retrieved October 4, February 1, Retrieved January 2, Archived from the original on February 4, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved December 22, Los Angeles Times.

    Archived from the original on October 6, Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved April 22, January 9, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved March 20, Retrieved December 2, Retrieved October 19, Retrieved September 8, Gamer Network.This is a list of PlayStation 4 video games that have sold or shipped at least one million units. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Wikipedia list article. Arcade games Best-selling games franchises Highest-grossing games franchises arcade mobile Most-played games mobile Games considered among the best Game of the Year awards Negative reception. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

    You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. WW : May 10, WW : September 7, WW : April 20, WW : January 26, WW : May 25, WW : November 29, WW : September 29, WW : November 3, WW : October 21, WW : November 6, WW : July 17, WW : March 21, PlayStation LifeStyle.

    Retrieved October 14, Perfectly Nintendo. September 8, Retrieved September 9, Retrieved September 24,


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